Course Detail

    The Global Pets Grooming Academy is committed to the highest standards in grooming and that is why we offer a comprehensive, hands-on program that teaches both the creative skill and underlying theory of pet styling. We believe that students should not only be well trained but also display a thorough understanding of the basics of their craft and to this end Global Pets Grooming Academy makes use of instructors and lecturers who are specialized in their fields of Creative Skill, Education, First-aid and Pet Communication.
    Our philosophy is to promote the acquisition of practical skills and understanding through demonstrations, active practical experience and theoretical coaching. Our students will be expected to meet certain criteria in both the grooming room and in the class room. At Global Pets Grooming Academy we call for each student to be responsible and committed to their studies. Global Pets Grooming Academy provides the opportunity for each student to realize their dream and reach their full potential.

    Course Outline

    Comprehensive Professional Pet Grooming Course (600 hours)

    The course is divided into practical and theory lessons which cover all of the subjects needed to provide for student in order to become a professional pet groomer. Our professional and certified grooming instructors will ensure students graduate with confidence and expertise to meet the real life challenge of pet grooming.
    Practical :
    • Basic Grooming Technique & Requirement
    • Shaver Handling & Shaving Technique
    • Full Grooming Technique & Requirement
    • Different Coat Type Management
    • Various Breed Styling Method
    • Clipping & Scissoring Technique
    Theory :
    • Understanding of Pet Anatomy
    • Use & Care of Grooming Equipment
    • Proper Breed Recognition
    • Proper Full Grooming Procedure
    • Parasite & Skin Condition Recognition
    • Effective Communication Between Pet & Groomer

    Pet Grooming as a Career

    A pet grooming career can be an exciting vocation which offers adventure and profitability. A pet grooming vocation requires standards that even veterinarians and breeders do not have to follow. You will fill a very important niche in the pet market and will become an important person to the animals you serve as well as their owners. You will have to use hands on techniques towards the animals, and at the same time you'll have to observe their behaviors and physical traits. You will actually have to spend quality time with the animal.
    One of the skills of a pet grooming expert is to be able to look at the individual breed and determined what type of coat that pet might have. For example, the Labrador retriever has two coats. Its first coat is a fine down fur that is close to the skin and provides warmth during the winter and water activities. The second coat is a long, thin, fine hair that is used as a water repellent. This allows the pet to dry off quickly and to protect the inner coat. The skill that the grooming expert needs to proficient in is to know how short to trim or not to trim at all. To cut the hair too short would leave the under coating hair and the skin open to dangerous situations. These situations could be exposure to the sun, which would cause skin irritation or skin cancer.
    If you think that you have these skills, you may be able to be a pet grooming professional. The pet grooming profession is a lucrative field in which the groomers have the opportunity to choose what kind of animals to groom and what fees they may charge. There is currently a shortage of groomers of all types in rural areas. Moving to an area without pet grooming experts could also be the start of a very profitable career.