Product Description

    Feature Many factors can cause your dog to have sensitive skin. These include: Environment, diet, external parasites, genetic predisposition or skin infections. Be sure to address these areas to increase your dog's skin threshold. The unique protein ingredients in this shampoo will bind to the skin to provide lasting moisturizing actions, making the skin and fur softer and more elastic with improved barrier and protection properties.
    Sensitive skin shampoo
    • pH balanced for pets
    • Moisturized and protect skin and coat
    • Long lasting hydration
    • 100% soap and SLS free
    • Professional quality formula
    • No artificial fragrances
    • Suitable for regular use
    • Suitable for use with flea treatment
    • All breeds,all coats dry itchy skin
    Ingredients Shear Magic sensitive skin shampoo has been specially formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Oat Beta Glucan extract to gently cleanse and care for your dog's sensitive skin.
    Contains a film forming moisturized which has been used historically as an anti irritant.
    Size 500ml
    Usage Guidelines: May be used frequently. Apply to wet coat in several places. If skin is inflamed, cool water is much more soothing than warm water, Massage into lather, avoiding eyes. Wait for 2 minutes then rinse coat thoroughly. After shampooing, follow with Shear Magic Sensitive skin conditioner for best results. Dry and brush the coat as usual.
    For further information:
    Product Origin Made in Australia
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