Our Services

    Microbubble with Shampoo & Conditioner

    Infusing pressurized water with oxygen rich bubbles, we bring a calming experience for your pet. The soft yet strong bubbles will lift to remove impurities, excess buildup of sebum and keratin to allow the skin to heal naturally.

    Aromatic Sea salt Spa

    Bath your pet with natural fragrances using minerals from Japanese Spa baths and Dead Sea Mineral Salt, comes with botanical extract and a gentle fragrance to soothe any stressed-out doggo.


    With Jojoba oil, squalene sea mud and seaweed extract ingredients, designed to maintain healthy pet skin and coats. The coat of long-haired dogs becomes comfortably smooth and fluffy and the coat of short-haired dogs becomes moist and lustrous.

    Amino bath and conditioner for Cats

    This is an ultra-hypoallergenic shampoo for coat and skin, that contains a vegetable base made from amino acids extracted from sugar cane and tapioca – plants said to provide the world’s mildest shampoo ingredients. Over 99% biodegradable. Will not pollute rivers or oceans.

    Chinese Herbal Bath Therapy

    As a holistic approach to healing, we gently treat the skin of your furry friends with a blend of oriental herbs to restore the balance and wellness to the body. By increasing blood circulation, stimulating the hair follicle, nourishing the skin, your furry friends will have shiny, luxurious coat in no time.

    Colouring - enhance vibrancy in your pets

    Formulated without harmful chemical, especially for dogs and cats, our color enhancement system brings out your pet’s natural charm and maintains its youthful appearance. Need a little bit more? Why not try our pet-friendly dye and have some extra fun with your pet. They’ll love the attention and adoration they receive from their luscious locks.