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    Learning pet grooming can lead to a world of opportunities. With the rise in pet ownership, the demand for skilled pet groomers is also on the rise. By acquiring this valuable skill, you can pursue a career in a grooming salon, start your own business, or even groom your fur kis yourself.
    Study at your own pace and learn pet grooming in only 600 hours! The world of pet grooming awaits - take the first step towards your new adventure today!
    Syllabus and Career Pathway

    Syllabus and Career Pathway

    Certification   Upon completion of the course, and discretion by our Grooming Instructor, student who have obtained an 80% or higher grade will be awarded the Global Pets Grooming Academy Certificate.

    Students that graduated at Global Pets Grooming Academy will be awarded with our in-house certification with our GPGA official seal, co-signed by our award winning instructor & certified license vet.

    As a pet groomer that is certified by professional in the industry, you feel confident when presenting yourself to peers and customers.

    Student that graduated from GPGA is also offered a direct employment at Global Pets with no probation required.

    Mark the start of your grooming career with us today!

    It's not just a job, it's a career with us!

    Choose to work with us upon your graduation with opportunities to progress
    from a Pet Groomer Trainee to a Senior Stylist or Salon Manager
    and ultimately, as a respected Pet Groomer Instructor!
    Your exciting career path awaits: Talk to us to find out more.
    Course Outline

    A Career Opportunity with us

    Expand your potential with us !
    With no probation period needed, land a job
    at Global Pets - the largest pet service chain store,
    immediately after graduation.
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