Syllabus and Career Pathway

    Course Outline

    Practical :
    • Skills & techniques to perform spa on pets - First in JB!
    • Clipping & scissoring skills
    • Shaver Handling & Shaving Technique
    • Full Grooming Technique & Requirement
    • Different Coat Type Management
    • Various Breed Styling Method
    • Basic Grooming Technique & Requirement
    Theory :
    • Pet spa theory - First in JB!
    • Anatomy & Biology
    • Use & care of grooming equipment
    • Safety Lesson
    • Clipping & scissoring theory
    • Proper breed recognition
    • Parasite & skin condition recognition
    • Effective communication between pet & owner/groomer
    Course Price :
    • RM9,800 (grooming equipment included)
    Course Duration :
    • 600 hours

    Course Certificate

    Upon completion of the course, and discretion by our Grooming Instructor, student who have obtained an 80% or higher grade will be awarded the Global Pets Grooming Academy Certificate. Students that graduated at Global Pets Grooming Academy will be awarded with our in-house certification with our GPGA official seal, co-signed by our award winning instructor & certified license vet. As a pet groomer that is certified by professional in the industry, you feel confident when presenting yourself to peers and customers. Student that graduated from GPGA is also offered a direct employment at Global Pets with no probation required.
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    Career Opportunity

    Set up your own grooming salon

    Set up your own grooming salon

    Freelance Pet Groomer

    Freelance Pet Groomer
    Home Based Pet Groomer

    No probation require

    No probation require


    Pet Groomer Trainee

    Pet Groomer

    Senior Pet Groomer

    Pet Groomer Instructor


    Set up your own grooming saloon

    Freelance pet groomer

    Home based pet groomer

    Groom your own pets


    Join our team with
    no probation period required