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    Grooming Academy

    In the year of 2011, Global Pets Grooming Academy was born with the aim to nurture and educate new talent in the grooming field. To provide exceptional training that will not only raise the standards of pet grooming in Malaysia but develop confident certified professional pet stylists who are ready to meet the industries growth and demand.
    Our grooming instructor is an experienced Certified Class A groomer with more than 10 years’ experience in the pet grooming industry. She is also actively participating in grooming competition both locally and internationally and attending advanced courses to stay atop the latest trends and grooming techniques.
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      Grooming Academy

    Our Grooming Course

    Our Training Course

    Proper Pet Grooming

    Join us here to start your learning journey! We equip our students with proper pet handling, scissoring techniques and other essential skills for students to smash a record in the grooming industry.
    Our Training Course

    From Zero to Pro

    Set your foundation to compete in the global environment at GPGA, crafted for everyone, our course takes you through the fundamentals of pet anatomy all the way to techniques for a stress-free grooming session.
    Our Training Course

    First in JB!

    As the first grooming academy to incorporate spa syllabus into our grooming curriculum, you’ll learn how to perform spa sevices on pets such as microbubble, thalassotherapy, aromatic salt spa, and more.