Bichon Frise Professional Pet Grooming Seminar & Workshop

    Seminar Purpose

    Learn all about Bichon Frise & how to groom Bichon Frise


    Workshop Purpose

    Learn from the professional expert to better improve your Bichon Frise styling skills


    Hands on participation required


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    • The workshop will be conducted on dummy dogs. Actual Bichon dogs is up for rent for an additional RM200 per participant. Limited availability on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
    • All participants are allowed to bring their own actual dog to the workshop. If so, please help to basic groom your Bichon before the workshop.

    About the Speaker

    Kingsly Tan is a certified master groomer by the Singapore Kennel Club and an A class groomer with the Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT). Despite having achieved recognition, Kingsly believes in constantly upgrading himself and developing new grooming techniques to share with his students. Always seeking to improve himself, our principal is also active in conformation dog shows – poodles, bichons and miniature schnauzers are his speciality. Kingsly has bagged many awards to date, including Best in Show.
    In his youth, Kingsly travelled extensively, studying the art of pet grooming in different countries – Canada, the United States, China and Taiwan, to name a few. In his studies he discovered that pet grooming was very different in the East and the West. Pet groomers in Canada, America and Europe had a far better understanding of pet anatomy and body profiles, and held themselves to very high standards of workmanship. Pet groomers in the East possessed superior skills with their scissors – their scissoring was far more intricate and meticulous than their western counterparts.
    Kingsly has been invited by Artero to conduct grooming seminar in Spain and Malaysia. Artero Jornadas Spain is the biggest grooming show internationally where all the top groomers around the world are invited.
    Having studied under both traditions of pet grooming, Kingsly put together what he had learned, and developed a special, unique technique of pet grooming. It is a style that combines the best of the East and the West, and here at the Animal Arts Academy, it is Kingsly’s personal mission to teach this technique to his students.


    2022 - Appointed to be Artero’s Grooming Ambassador
    2018 - Artero World Groom Team
    & 2016
    - Conducted Artero International Grooming Seminar in Madrid, Spain
    2016 - Conducted Artero International Grooming Seminar in Kuala Lumpur
    2016 - Artero Creative Team Singapore Master Groomer
    2014 - Singapore Kennel Club Certified Master Groomer
    2014 - Kennel Club of Taiwan class A certified groomer
    2008 - Singapore Kennel Club class A certified groomer
    2007 - Singapore Kennel Club class B certified groomer
    2005 - Travelled to U.S to learn showing poodles from a top poodle handler
    2001 - Graduated from Pets Beautiful grooming school (Canada)


    2014 - Kennel Club of Taiwan Class A 2nd Class
    2008 - Singapore Kennel Club Class A 1st Class
    2007 - Singapore Kennel Club Class B 1st Class
    2004 - Pet Esthe pet colouring contest 2nd Prize
    2003 - Classified Golden Clipper Contest 1st Prize
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